Using pipenv with SageMaker

SageMaker uses conda for package management, which complicates things if you manage packages for your project with pipenv. One quick workaround is to use pipenv to generate a requirements.txt file...

Building Docker images from private GitHub repos

Docker has a nice build context feature that lets you specify a git repository URL as the location to build an image from. So, for instance, you can roll your...

Slides and code from my RebelCon talk

For anyone who is interested, I’ve just posted slides for my talk here. You can also check out the source code for the pipeline I demonstrated on GitHub.

I was interviewed by InfoQ about NLP

Ahead of my RebelCon talk next week, I was interviewed by Ben Linders from InfoQ about how to analyse sentiment in natural language.

Exporting environment variables from dotenv files

Here’s a nice shortcut for bash that exports all environment variables from a dotenv (.env) file into the current terminal session: export $(cat .env | xargs)